Open the door and 

You will feel at home


What can you expect from our neighborhood?

This holiday home is located in the village of Mekisi Kod Vizinada, 15 km from Porec and 10 km from the beach. It is an ideal place for long walks or to try out one of the many cycling routes.

Go into the woods and search for the famous truffles in the organized quests, in the meantime you can look forward to the lush animal kingdom that lives in the region.

Porec is not only a tourist city, but also historically a place of eminent importance. There are archaeological indications that the narrow peninsula of Porec was already inhabited 6,000 years ago. Anything to the west of the three medieval towers belongs to the old heart of the city of Porec. The east side with the towers is the newer part of Porec, 'Pora le Porte' which in Dutch shows on 'Buiten de Stadspoort'

What can you all do here?

Several boat excursions can be booked in the numerous harbors of Istria.

Horse riding, golf, tennis, diving, water skiing, skydiving duo jump, snorkeling, fishing, sunbathing, shooting range, zip line, paintball and much more can be found in the wider area.

Mali Losinj and Silba Roadtrip: Wine Road (wine tasting) are definitely worth it.

Nightlife: a terrace with live music can be found in most seaside resorts in the evening, for young people there are several discotheques or festivals.

Events: Arena amphitheater (concerts and film festivals)


Surrounded by nature, it offers you the best way to revitalize yourself.

The waters around Istria are famous for its nature parks where you can spot dolphins. More than 150 of them have been identified and each has received a name. Project 'Dolphin' takes care of and studies the dolphins and their behavior. This dolphin research is one of the oldest in the Adriatic. Istria has a mild Mediterranean climate. The average summer air temperature is 24C and the average winter temperature is 7C. The temperature of the seawater in the winter never drops below 12C and in the summer it does not exceed 27C.

The climate is very beneficial for the treatment of bronchial asthma and allergic airway diseases.

The sea water is known for its healing effect on psoriasis and other skin conditions

Sights That Meet Your Needs and Wishes